Finally the italian webzine release the fourth volume of its mammuthing compilation.
here the official press release:

FINALLY OUT !!!The Italian stoner psych doom portal is proud to present: DESERT SOUND Vol. IV IN THE MOUTH OF FUZZ The fourth chapter of the trip, a journey through the cosmos, the heavy psych compilation made in Italy! Aptly distributed by magazine, DESERT SOUND Vol. IV – IN THE MOUTH OF FUZZ packs 25 combustive cuts from the smoke filled scene defined by hot rock'n'roll, chuggin' guitars, dirty fuzz, psychedelic visions, feedback and cowbell fills. A volcanic trip deep into the Italian heavy stoner psycho doom panorama, with tracks that range straight out of power hittin' stonerville, to the psychedelic side, as well as the doom mantras and spacey pipe dreams action. DS Vol. IV - IN THE MOUTH OF FUZZ opens with the mighty Pater Nembrot. The intro cut sets the stage for the entire adventurous set, which includes tracks from – among others – Zippo (feat. Ben Ward from Orange "fuckin'!" Goblin), Space Paranoids, Black Capricorn, Cannibal Movie, Da Captain Trips, and Black Rainbows. The album is available as a free digital download (MP3 320 kbps and .Iso file for your personal CD) with a deluxe trippy artwork and packaging by ExLab, based on the original paintings of late Renaissance Italian visionary painter and illustrator Jacopo Ligozzi.

you can find it here:

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