BLACK CAPRICORN lyrics and musics

Just few words to reveal what inspired our 1st album

1. All of you know who consider women as witch, why and what they did against them.

2. Sometimes in a world without heroes, without justice, a world ruled by decadent old bones, it remains only one thing to do!... read a really good book

3. This is a great, fantastic and one (in my opinion) of the best sci-fi movie of all time!

4. From the book "Il muto di Gallura" written by Enrico Costa. Il tamburo del Demonio is a rock in the peak of mountain Limbara that produced a terrible sound while the wind from the north blow terrorizing the villains on the valley.

5. Do you think THIS could be a good end for the mankind?

6. If the Il Tamburo del Demonio turn to a bleating goat in the same peak of the mountain... The Goat

7. Believe it or not that' s it!

8. Have you ever tried to watch a documentary about planets, asteroid... the universe with Liquid Universe as soundtrack? Not yet?! Try it!!!

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